Physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety can be sweating, difficulty breathing, difficulty thinking, and feelings of panic.  Some anxiety in life is to be expected when you take a test, visit the doctor or get married.  This type of anxiety is fleeting.  If your anxiety sticks around continuously it is time to get some help.

Anxiety can be controlled and alleviated through relaxation techniques. The source of the anxiety can be rooted out and released, leaving you more relaxed, calm and in control. Read a short research paper about this subject.

Types of anxiety successfully treated with hypnosis:

  • Agoraphobia is the fear of going out. Hypnotherapy can help with the fear symptoms. If you can visualize going out in your mind, then you can physically accomplish it.
  • Bed wetting is usually a problem for younger children, although some teens and adults have the problem. Through hypnosis the mind can be “trained” to wake up to go to the bathroom, or to sleep a little lighter so that the sensations of needing to urinate can be felt. Underlying problems can be addressed.
  • Driving produces some anxiety or stress in everyone. When it becomes a problem where it limits where you can travel, hypnosis can get you “back on the road” safely and securely.
  • Flying, especially after 911, has become stressful for a lot of people. You can reclaim your comfort level in the air with a few sessions of hypnosis.
  • General anxiety can happen to anyone and the reason may not be apparent. Hypnotherapy can remove the symptoms and help you find the cause.
  • Public speaking is anxiety producing even for those who are good at it! The cause is insecurity, making projections of what other people think, and embarrassment. In just a few sessions you can be confident and more comfortable in front of a few people or a large group.
  • Shyness stems from an over focus of yourself in front of others. With hypnosis you can temper or eliminate this discomfort, allowing you to be more comfortable socially.
  • Stress anxiety happens from overloads at work, home and with too many personal problems. Hypnosis can help you find better coping mechanisms.
  • Test taking often produces anxiety. When the emotions come up, it is hard for the subconscious mind to concentrate on what you learned. Calming down gives you access to the library in your mind!


“I don’t know if you remember me, I came to see you twice. I was suffering with major depression and severe anxiety and was in therapy with Dr. Shirley Furmann for a couple of years and am doing very well. I wanted you to know that those sessions with you helped me more than I can put into words. Especially the first session, you said in our session and on the CD about the anxiety, “you don’t need it anymore” and that turned everything around for me, I can still hear your voice saying that phrase. I have recommended you to several people for different things but for reasons beyond me, people hesitate. I no longer suffer with either one of these problems, drug free and know I was blessed to be treated by Shirley and by you. I want to thank you for what you did for me and my family and please know that you will be in my prayers daily and I wish you complete healing and peace.”

Kind Regards Always, Kellie


“I have suffered with  PTSD, depression, and social anxiety. While visiting from Washington State a friend suggested I see Laurie Miller to help with some of the problems I have been going through this past year. I did have a session with her that was a breakthrough for me. Also, her CDs have really helped me a lot. I also have made significant progress in dealing with my conditions thanks to Laurie. I’ve made more progress in the last 6 months than I have ever made with 30+ years of traditional counseling and psychiatry. I found Laurie to be very calming, re-assuring, and quite helpful with a consultative approach. I feel like my life is getting back on track because I have been supplementing my “traditional” treatments with her CD’s as well as a custom CD she made for me when I saw her in person back in August.”

Sincerely, Skip


“When I arrived at my first session with Laurie, I arrived in fight/flight panic mode, confused, angry, resentful, and experiencing the loss of my entire alcoholic family of origin, some of them quite abusive.   She tuned into my issues so quickly and within seven sessions, I was working out of the depression, connecting to my spirituality again and have stopped all addictions including smoking.

I had been seeing a MFT regularly for almost two years without nearly the results I have seen with Laurie.  I no longer see Laurie regularly, but with the CD’s she provided me, all I have to do is put on the CD and her amazing voice is inside my subconscious again, spinning the magic that she is so adept at doing.   If I need her, I know she is there and I can make an appointment.

Laurie’s workshops are great, and we try to attend often.   My husband beat his sleep disorder, and we are planning to use Laurie’s amazing talents for our children who also have some of the same issues I did.    Words cannot express what this woman can do and how good she is at doing it.

If you have found Laurie Miller as we as a family did, you are definitely in the right place at the right time, with someone who can help and open you to the freedom of being a whole, healthy and spiritual being.  Thanks Laurie! “

Kimberly A. P.


“Just wanted to give you an update on my business trip.  As you know, before the trip I was very nervous.  Traveling there I was somewhat nervous.  And once I got into the meetings I was not at all nervous.  I was simply myself.  Didn’t try to be anything more, nor would I settle for being anything less.

After being there only two hours the President asked me to lead the executive team in a  session the following day.  It was a huge role, and I was surprised to be entrusted with it so quickly.  But I was not at all anxious about it.  I had brought your CD from our last session and I listened to it that night.

I was calm and confident, shoulders back, head held high, in a position of esteem and confidence!  The sessions went great.  I was entrusted with more significant responsibilities, and they are now figuring out how they can afford my services.

It felt so good to be out and about again.  Socially comfortable.  Having new adventures. Growing.  I have reclaimed ME!  Thank you for all your help. “

Alua P.


“I wanted to thank you for giving me the tools for getting back a reasonable life after my wife’s death. When I came to you I was a total mess. I could not work, eat, sleep, or be around people. Bottom line! I could not function in society. I found you through the Internet and it has been a life saving discovery. You are such a kind, giving person, who gave so much of her self in helping me! Laurie I can’t even begin to thank you. Please share this on your web as a testimonial. I would be honored to be on the roll of people you have helped. Thank you.”


“I went to hypnosis with skepticism having had social anxiety for most of my 48 years. The reason I had gone in the first place was a very prominent friend of mine had recently retired and got into social speaking and was terrified of public speaking. She  said she  had found a cure! So I decided only something could be gained  from meeting Laurie.

During my first session with Laurie she put my mind at rest. Hypnosis is calming, peaceful and not controlling.  Being hypnotized was like having my favorite chocolate. It was soothing and relaxing!  Coming out of that blissful place came all too quickly.  I took my CD home and listened to it and no longer found myself getting knots in my stomach before social situations.  I had forgotten my fear or at least my mind had moved onto a peaceful place.

So when I decided to have surgery top of my list was to see Laurie. Being terrified of anesthetics and not knowing how I was going to get to the operating room without totally collapsing with fear, I had to see if this would help me.   I had to wait 2 months for my surgery so when I got to Laurie the 10 days before I was already nervous.  In her soothing manner she went about putting my mind at ease.   Once more I listened to my  “healing’ CD every day, and on the day of surgery went by myself into the pre-op room without my husband, and without the need of any calming medication. My experiences have been life changing and life healing.”



“I wanted to thank you for helping me with my anxiety. As you know it was so bad that I almost did not make it to my sessions, thankfully I persevered. My anxiety was so bad that I could not eat, sleep, or go anywhere with my family. I even had anxiety in my own home that would wake me from my sleep. I now am enrolled back in school to get my bachelors degree along with taking my Real Estate exam . I can go places with my family again which is so wonderful. I am so thankful for your help I even referred a couple of friends for similar issues and you helped one of them with anxiety as well.  I am a true believer in hypnosis and tell everyone I can about you and how you helped me get my life back.”

Ginger D.


“You are amazing at what you do and it was great for me to meet such a wonderful and talented woman.  Regarding our session for my blocked sexuality, I wanted you to know that I have been so comfortable in my own skin, especially when it comes to intimacy. I have listened to the CD (personal CD made during the session) 2 times since our session and have been able to focus on relaxing during sex play, intercourse, and I am much more able to let go and enjoy myself.  I can imagine the letting go and placing “stuff” inside the box prior to romantic times and it helps to encourage my sexiness and confidence to come out.  We have only engaged fully in intercourse twice since our visit, however, that is 100% improvement already. So far so good!  Thank you again for helping to release my inner sexual goddess. She is very happy and confident that we are now on a path of improving communication and sexual fulfillment.”



“I am truly glad that I decided to go through with the therapy sessions at Hypnosis Concepts. Before meeting Laurie I had a bit a doubt in the whole process though now I have no regret in receiving hypnosis for my shyness and eating disorder. I always felt so comfortable and relaxed during the sessions. Laurie helped me in so many ways and every session was a learning experience. I believe that if a person has any type of issue with body image or low self esteem, Laurie is the person to go to. I would have to say that Laurie is a genuinely kind and helpful person who is very educated in her field.”



“I want to thank you because I remember when I first walked into your office, I was very much a skeptic but you walked me through it and helped me open myself to the process. I was an angry, aggressive, hyper, and insecure person when I first came to see you; I was having trouble sleeping, my body was always aching and my thoughts of failure were driving me crazy. Today (after just 3 sessions), I am calmer, my mind at ease and I sleep like a baby when I listen to your sessions on my iPod. You help me overcome the panic and fear I had after my car accident. I could go on and on about how great you are but I really don’t know how to thank you…I owe SO MUCH of my success to you. THANK YOU!!!

I realize its a bit long but I can’t tell you how great I feel. I have much more confidence in school, my grades have picked up DRAMATICALLY and I can honestly say I sleep like a baby when I fall asleep listening to my sessions with you. I really don’t know how to thank you enough…everyone around me has seen a positive change in me and I couldn’t have done it without you. You were able to address my doubts with hypnotherapy, guide me, and help me search for the root of my problems. Although I know I still have things I want to work on, I live my life SO MUCH better than I did only a few months ago. The accident I had does not affect me anymore and I am much more in confident in myself…I FEEL that confidence in me. I could go on and on!!! But THANK YOU!

Thank you so much Laurie…I really can’t express my gratitude…words are not enough.”


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