Adjusting your attitude can be tough, especially when it is caused from old childhood programming or emotional hurts. It is especially hard to change when there has been a lot of repetition of the bad attitude over a long period of time. Going to the subconscious mind to change an attitude or belief makes it easier and more permanent to achieve.

Areas where your attitude can be changed successfully with hypnosis:

Anger management is necessary to get along at work and in personal relationships. By looking at the source of the anger and learning coping skills you can be free of this self destructive behavior.

Motivation is something everyone can use. Lack of motivation is often based on old programming from the past and the bad habit of procrastination. Hypnosis can alleviate this “stuck” behavior.

Over-giving is often self destructive. Over-givers can get sick, burned out, and unhappy. Hypnosis can help you create balance between giving and receiving and get you more comfortable with receiving.

Procrastination keeps you from moving forward in life, both in work and personally. Hypnosis can change the behavior that feeds procrastination.

Relationships can be hard when you have a bad attitude about them. It pays to shift the negative thinking. The rewards are great!

Work attitude is important to your well being. Hypnosis can help you “neutralize” the irritating boss or coworkers for a more peaceful environment.


“I thought the session was very valuable and really enjoyed seeing both you and Judy take on the different roles.  That helped me understand how my own procrastination could be viewed by others. I’ve been so diligent about my job search in the last week, I can tell that the session helped me focus my efforts.”



“I had another wonderful experience that I wanted to tell you about, and thank you for.  In my last session, we worked on my pattern of submitting to authority, even when it was wrong and unhealthy for me.  

Last week my mom had a serious injury, and after her stay in the hospital, was transferred to a skilled nursing facility for continued care.  Even though this facility is considered among the best, we experienced atrocities in her care.  AGAINST MEDICAL ADVICE, I pulled her out and arranged in-home nursing care.  How’s that for not submitting to authority!!!”


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