The EASY BIRTHING program helps to create your childbirth experience free from fear, anxiety and unnecessary discomfort through a special process of deep relaxation which will replace or complement any other childbirth method of your choice.

The inability to relax and discomfort are sometimes so dominant, that all a mother remembers about having her baby are vague recollections of what should have been the most wonderful experience in her life. In hypnosis, however, senses are sharpened so that distractions can be eliminated, yet the mother is totally aware of what is going on around her. You flow with your experience instead of fighting it with tension and fear.

EASY BIRTHING give you an added dimension of control. Through practice, you teach yourself how to relax completely so that at the time of delivery you will respond more readily to your natural body rhythm, enhance and create your own natural anesthesia, and allow childbirth to become the truly gratifying and natural experience it is supposed to be. Your doctor, midwife, practitioner, and nursing staff will be delighted at your control and relaxed manner and will be able to communicate more easily with you.

EASY BIRTHING teaches you how your pregnancy and delivery will be easier because you will learn how hypnosis like childbirth is a natural body process.


The EASY BIRTHING program consists of private or semi-private sessions, which last about an hour. There are four sessions with one additional session for a group of three or larger.

Each session includes discussion, questions, handling of specific problems, practice time an a guided relaxation and programming for a positive birthing experience.

You should begin the program around your sixth month, but if it’s later you can still get full benefit from the program. Plan to practice until the time of your delivery. Practicing is easy, fun and rewarding. Coaches are invited to all sessions to share and learn techniques to assist you.

Session 1: Introduction to hypnosis. Learn self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques.

Session 2: Discuss and learn pain alleviation methods.

Session 3: Expectations of the birth are discussed. Coach learns to assist the mother during the birth.

Session 4: Discussion of fears. How to use hypnosis after your childbirth.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Your coach is trained to assist you.
  • Increase self confidence.
  • Wonderful sense of well-being.
  • Meet your expectations for “natural childbirth”.
  • Easily remember you breathing techniques.
  • Experience more energy.
  • Reduce fatigue.
  • Reduce tension and anxiety.
  • Sleep more comfortably.
  • Relieve discomfort during pregnancy and delivery.
  • Continue to benefit from relaxation techniques after the baby is born.
  • Reduce postpartum blues.
  • Improve bonding with your baby.
  • Relax with breast feeding.
  • Weight loss made easier.

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“As a labor coach to my grandson’s birth, I felt confident guiding my daughter in mental imagery thus creating a smooth labor. Learning how to promote deep relaxation helped her embrace the natural process of birthing. The profound joy we felt when Amy and I held John Riley realizing we accomplished this natural life event without fear or loss of control was uplifting.

Laurie is responsible for this incredible and invaluable gift given to me using relaxation and visualization. She is responsible for my education, application and dedication to this process. She was the first person I called from the Labor Delivery Recovery Room with tears in my eyes and a thankful heart!

As an Emergency Dept RN for over 25 years it was with great joy to hear the Labor and Delivery RN comment several times what an awesome job the two of us did and how she wished she could have filmed us for others to benefit.”


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