Lack of confidence can hold you back in your career and in relationships. Building your confidence moves you beyond what limits you and allows you to achieve your goals.  Hypnosis can help both children and adults built confidence.  Please click here to purchase a CD or MP3 on Beyond Limitations.

Personal and business areas where building confidence is important and can be successfully enhanced with hypnosis:

  • Creativity gives you an edge in life and makes everything more interesting. Hypnotherapy opens the door and allows your creativity to flow.
  • Motivation is heightened when you are confident. Self esteem goes hand in hand with being motivated to move forward.
  • Procrastination is a common problem of people with low confidence. Build up your confidence and it is easy to over come procrastination.
  • Self-esteem goes hand in hand with confidence. Build up both through hypnosis and nothing can stop you!
  • Stuttering problems can be a symptom of lack of confidence or lack of confidence can come from stuttering. Either way, hypnosis can curb the problem and let you speak more smoothly and comfortably.
  • Test taking while confident allows you to be more effective. The mind responds better and you feel better. Hypnosis allows you to get rid of low confidence, enhancing your ability to be successful.


“I had another wonderful experience that I wanted to tell you about, and thank you for.  In my last session, we worked on my pattern of submitting to authority, even when it was wrong and unhealthy for me.

Last week my mom had a serious injury, and after her stay in the hospital, was transferred to a skilled nursing facility for continued care.  Even though this facility is considered among the best, we experienced atrocities in her care.  AGAINST MEDICAL ADVICE, I pulled her out and arranged in-home nursing care.  How’s that for not submitting to authority!!!”



“Just wanted to give you an update on my business trip.  As you know, before the trip I was very nervous.  Traveling there I was somewhat nervous.  And once I got into the meetings I was not at all nervous.  I was simply myself.  Didn’t try to be anything more, nor would I settle for being anything less.

After being there only two hours the President asked me to lead the executive team in a  session the following day.  It was a huge role, and I was surprised to be entrusted with it so quickly.  But I was not at all anxious about it.  I had brought your CD from our last session and I listened to it that night.

I was calm and confident, shoulders back, head held high, in a position of esteem and confidence!  The sessions went great.  I was entrusted with more significant responsibilities, and they are now figuring out how they can afford my services.

It felt so good to be out and about again.  Socially comfortable.  Having new adventures. Growing.  I have reclaimed ME!  Thank you for all your help.”

Alua P.


“Practicing Laurie’s techniques and frequently listening to my CD, I was able to speak in front of 120 people without reservation. I feel more confident in myself, which has helped me in my school studies and my overall life.”



“Hi Laurie. Great session on Tuesday. I wrote out most of my speech that afternoon and practiced once in front of the mirror. In short, I rocked. My confidence was high and it was the least amount of stress I’ve ever felt in public speaking. I’ve always been able to speak, but never was as much ease.Next objective…fear of success. Thanks!”

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