Dental Phobia

dental phobiaDental phobia is a condition that includes moderate to sever anxiety and discomfort when a dentist gets near your teeth!

Dental fears include teeth clenching (bruxism), tight jaw, discomfort with braces, pain control, and fear of the dentist. These problems jeopardize your health and well being. Through hypnosis the dental chair can become a tolerable experience free from stress and anxiety.

Areas where your hypnosis can help with dental problems:

  • General dental fears makes going to the dentist a chore and one that many people avoid. Hypnosis can help you overcome the fear and release old bad experiences from the past.
  • Bruxism is more common then you thought. With all of the stress we experience, often at night the body responds by clenching the jaw. Hypnotic suggestions can teach you to relax your jaw as well as release the underlying stress.
  • Dental phobia means that you just can’t go to the dentist. I had a client who skipped the dentist for 30 years and after overcoming the fear had to have most of his teeth pulled. Don’t let this happen to you. He smiles happily and goes regularly to the dentist!
  • Dental pain causes fear and avoidance of the dentist. It can easily be alleviated after a dental visit, or be avoided by practicing self hypnosis in the dental chair. (or you can use my dental CD and let me keep you calm and pain free.

If you need help with your fears of the dentist call Hypnosis Concepts today!