Hair Pulling

Hair pulling might seem minor and sometimes it is. It can be a mild nervous habit of twisting or tugging on the the hair. The twisting and pulling creates a “relief” sensation that calms the nerves. Sometimes the hair pulling involves be facial or other body hair. The problem with even minor pulling is that the person appears to be nervous and it can be annoying to others. It can hurt your professional image or others might tease you.

There is a type of hair pulling that is very severe. The hair is actually pulled out and it can be from any part of the body. It can leave scars and of course create baldness. This is a more severe disorder that stems from obsessive compulsiveness and is know as trichotillomania.

Hypnosis is a fantastic tool to help the minor anxiety of hair pulling as well as the more severe form. Stress is a factor in the intensity of the pulling so dealing with the stress is the first major step. Understanding the behavior and what drives it helps to calm it even more, as the behavior almost always is about finding relief from stress and anxiety.  Sometimes it is as simple as finding a “replacement” behavior that calms and other times it takes some serious regression to get relief.