Your health is in your hands, and although medical care is necessary, there is a lot you can do to keep yourself healthy. The mind is closely connected to the body.

We have now reached an age where the mind-body connection is considered valid. Currently, there are approximately 300 clinical trials listed by the U.S. government which have been funded to study the effects of hypnosis, imagery and meditation on our physical and mental health. The research showing the benefits of these natural methods are abundant and comprehensive across all areas of life!

Areas of health where hypnosis makes a difference:

  • Cancer treatment is often more tolerable when hypnosis is used. Success with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation often depends of your state of mind. The fear of needles and pain can be eliminated. The mind controls the body, therefore visualization of a cancer free body boosts the immune system as well as improves your attitude. Hypnosis can help you to sleep better which is important as the body heals while sleeping.
  • Childbirth is often associated with pain because of our culture’s attitude and negative programming from others (including some doctors) My program, “Easy Birthing”, reduces stress, involves you in flowing with your body, creating the outcome of much less pain.
  • Chronic illness* (fatigue, fibromyalgia, Lupus etc.) responds well to hypnotherapy because stress is often a factor. Symptoms can be made more tolerable and often controlled.
  • Diet (obesity*) changes respond well to hypnotic suggestions. Life style changes are more readily accepted by the mind.
  • Dental Care is difficult for most people and terrifying for others. Hypnosis can calm those fears and make a visit to the dentist more pleasant for everyone including children.
  • Energy can be increased by reducing stress and making sleep more beneficial.
  • Exercise motivation is important and through your mind with positive suggestions all of the barriers to exercise can vanish.
  • Immune system boosting is possible with hypnosis. The mind activates the natural systems of the body to function in a more balanced way.
  • Pain problems respond well to hypnosis. Pain is an impulse or message to the brain and can be turned down or off by the mind. We increase the pain threshold so what you experience is more tolerable Often times pain can be eliminated completely.*
  • Sleep disorders include not being able to get to sleep, waking up too many times during the night, and waking up too early. Listening to a hypnosis tape/CD while going to sleep effectively retrains the mind to sleep just like you did as a baby or small child.
  • Smoking is the number one killer cause of illness in America. It is a subconscious habit, therefore it makes sense to go to the subconscious mind to undo this habit. One session usually does it!
  • Surgery preparation and recovery studies have been done all over the world. The results indicate that hypnosis and other relaxation methods have a profound affect on a persons quality of recovery. Often times you can heal twice as fast as normal, minimize swelling and post operative pain.


“Laurie, Thank you so much for your help. My anxiety about having my blood pressure taken, especially in a doctor’s office, has virtually disappeared. My two sessions with you were well worth the results.”



“I went to hypnosis with skepticism having had social anxiety for most of my 48 years. The reason I had gone in the first place was a very prominent friend of mine had recently retired and got into social speaking and was terrified of public speaking. She  said she  had found a cure! So I decided only something could be gained  from meeting Laurie.

During my first session with Laurie she put my mind at rest. Hypnosis is calming, peaceful and not controlling.  Being hypnotized was like having my favorite chocolate. It was soothing and relaxing!  Coming out of that blissful place came all too quickly.  I took my CD home and listened to it and no longer found myself getting knots in my stomach before social situations.  I had forgotten my fear or at least my mind had moved onto a peaceful place.

So when I decided to have surgery top of my list was to see Laurie. Being terrified of anesthetics and not knowing how I was going to get to the operating room without totally collapsing with fear, I had to see if this would help me.   I had to wait 2 months for my surgery so when I got to Laurie the 10 days before I was already nervous.  In her soothing manner she went about putting my mind at ease.   Once more I listened to my  “healing’ CD every day, and on the day of surgery went by myself into the pre-op room without my husband, and without the need of any calming medication. My experiences have been life changing and life healing.”



“My husband and I want to thank you.  This hernia surgery experience went so much smoother.  It was like night and day.  I know he was a little skeptical but was wanting me to try anything that would help me get through this.  He was starting to be negative with his attitude and comments.  I told him I wanted to be as calm and positive as I could.  He agreed and tried to keep everything positive.  I listened to the CD on the way to the hospital, during the surgery, and a few times after the surgery.  I stayed in the hospital for one day (2 1/2 last time).  I did not need morphine only pain pills.  I was eating and was up walking to the bathroom a few hours after surgery.  My husband was very happy that I was healing quickly.  My neighbor noticed that I had color in my face when I returned home, one day after surgery.  Two days after surgery when we removed the bandages, my husband noticed very little blood.  I feel a little weak and I know I have some healing ahead of me but I am stronger than I thought I would be.  I know I will be ready to return to work in 3 weeks.  Thanks again for all your help and I will contact you again when I am healed and preparing to attempt pregnancy again.”

Melissa K.

*A Doctor referral is required in order to work on some health issues.