Everyone has heard about intuition but what is it really?  The word “intuition” actually means the ability to acquire knowledge without using logic.  It is based on the Latin word “intueri” which is sometimes translated as “to look inside”.  Intuition is often thought to be based in the supernatural but there are many scientific and psychology studies that indicates that intuition is created by part of our brain.

Intuition is an important part of our well-being. Trusting your innate abilities to know your truth enables you to make better choices and decisions.

Hypnosis can get you in touch with your intuition and enhance your ability to listen to it.  Here is an interesting article about using intuition in decision making.


“As a patient of Laurie Miller’s, I have reaped the invaluable benefits of guided hypnotherapy. The process of hypnosis easily and naturally guided me into a relaxed state where I was able to find stillness and peace through deep breathing and where I could identify my own intuitive voice.

As a result, I am a more grounded person and better able to identify moments of self-projection away from the present. Not only has hypnotherapy been a tremendously healing medium for me, it has also been an endless learning experience. I am forever grateful to Laurie for her compassion and gift of healing.”

Pam W.

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