Relaxation News by Laurie H. Miller, C.C.H.

Exercise! Turn Lethargic to Active!

Issue 21 – May 2005

Laurie’s Notes

Dear Clients,

Over my life time, I have been active, full of energy and trim. I naturally ate fresh foods as I was brought up on them. I had sweets and some fatty foods, but in moderation.

I struggled with my weight after childbirth and got it in control. Then after the half century mark, my body changed! UG! My weight was increasing even though I didn’t change anything.

I accepted that my body needed more attention in order to be healthy. I made a shift in food choices and amounts, and added some stimulation… EXERCISE!!

I had to overcome my resistance to exercise.
I didn’t like to be told what to do, even by myself.

I realized what I needed was support and willingness to change. This newsletter is meant to support you to be willing to change!

Take care, Laurie


Six Ways To Get Yourself Going!

1) Support, Support, Support.

I hired a personal trainer (Lola Ramos) to come to my home. She runs my program so I don’t have to. I just have to change my clothes!

2) Let go of all or nothing at all thinking. Start small.

3) Every step counts. Park further away & take the stairs.

4) Exercise with a buddy. It is a good couples/friend activity.

5) Schedule exercise into your calendar each week.

6) You don’t have to “feel” like exercising to do it!


Visualize Resistance Away

SIT in a comfortable position at a time when you can take 5 to 10 minutes to yourself.

CHOOSE your goal. Example: To walk 4 days a week.

MAKE a statement of your goal.
Example: “I am motivated to walk 4 days a week.”

STATE the goal to yourself or out loud. In your mind, bring up any resistance to that goal.

Example of resistance: I don’t want to. I’m too tired. I don’t have time. It won’t work anyway. I hate exercise.

REPEAT the goal and bring up more resistance.

CONTINUE to state the goal and bring up your resistance.

SPEND 5 to 10 minutes. Please take your time and be patient.

WHEN no more resistance comes up, take a deep breath, and visualize yourself having achieved your goal.

Example: You are walking with a smile on your face. Your body metabolism is revving up, burning your excess fat as fuel, creating energy. Your step is light, you are energetic, and walking is pleasant and easy! Each time you walk you are more willing to do it again!

Advice from
Lola Ramos
Personal Trainer
NASM Certified
Free Consultation (714) 321-5241

Stretching and flexibility training:

Is one of the most important components of fitness that is often the most neglected. Add 5 minutes of stretching before and after any kind of exercise.

Increasing your flexibility:

1. Decreases the chances of muscle imbalances that can cause tightness, discomfort, and pain.
2. Creates better posture and more body mobility.
3. Minimizes joint dysfunctions.
4. Prevents the chances for injury during exercise and sports activities.


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NOTICE: There has been a lot of media concerning the removal of certain drugs from the market that help or eliminate arthritis and other joint pain. Hypnotherapy is an effective alternative for pain management. Please call for a FREE consultation.