Relaxation News by Laurie H. Miller, C.C.H.

Exercise! Turn Lethargic to Active!

Issue 24 – February 2006

Laurie’s Notes

Dear Clients,

relaxationThe New Years Resolutions are made. You are revving up your willpower. “This year I’m going to take off that weight” you promise.

The best way I can help you is to suggest that you do something different. Forget diets that don’t work and pay more attention to developing your skills in making choices. Accept that sometimes it is easy and at other times it can be a struggle. Learn how to take yourself back on track when you slip off. That way you minimize self sabotage and see more success. Creating new habits is a better goal for the new year.

Take care, Laurie


Your Body!

The following tips will help you reach your weight loss goals with less effort.

No Magic Pill. What a relief it would be if the magic pill existed and how rich I’d be if hypnosis were it! Once you truly accept that you are in charge of your own body, you stop looking outside of yourself for something to do it for you. That’s a relief!

Commitment. Changing your body means a commitment to yourself, a concept that most people are not use to. It seems that the messages from childhood are to make commitments to others. Wrong!

Choices. Making a good choice is of utmost importance to changing your body. At each meal, as well as in planning meals, you have the opportunity to make a choice that supports your goal body image.

Willpower. This concept leads to “diet thinking”, which leads to all or nothing at all behavior. Willpower only will lead to failure. It creates a struggle between what you want emotionally and what you think you should do. Willpower in moderation allows you to overcome a desire for something that doesn’t support your body image, but never leaves you deprived.

Support. This is the most important aspect for changing your body permanently. Support! Support! Support! It is the key to success. When someone is on your team, change is easier, more successful and long lasting.

Hypnosis is a tool, not a panacea. Through hypnosis you can come to terms with the fact that no magic pill exists and accept responsibility to change your body.

Through hypnosis you can strengthen your commitment to your self and become more comfortable with “receiving”.

Through hypnosis you can make good choices without the struggle you have been accustomed to. You will make good choices consistently.

Through hypnosis you can get rid of diet thinking, and strengthen your willpower as needed. You will understand the difference between physical and emotional need for nourishment. Feelings of being deprived will vanish.


Dr. Mara Latts, Carol Kahl, Ellen Brooks, Linda Pettingill, Janna Gavrilov, Kent Wilken ,Oz Olmos, Michelle Anderson, Ellie Freedman, Renee Hulse, Shelley Metskas, Jeane Harris, Pam Schmidt, Janessa West, Mary Mermans, Phyllis Henson, Irma Sawyer, Dr. Halimah McGee, Sandra Davidson, Donna Kannard, Janessa West, Steve Rach, and Steve Huebel.