Relaxation News by Laurie H. Miller, C.C.H.

Fun! Joy!

Issue 34 – August 2008

Laurie’s Notes

Dear Clients,

relaxationThese days when you turn on the TV news or open the paper you may be hard-pressed to find a reason to be joyful.  Unfortunately our daily lives tend to mimic that dour mood.  Too often our responsibilities with family, work, relationships, etc., make life seem like a never-ending list of less-than-fun tasks. For some, humor, joy, and laughter seem an extravagance that there is very little time for.

But the truth is, we need joy in our lives.  We need fun in our lives. We must all rise up against the constant stress of life to consciously say “enough”!  Things will get done and life will go on if we put aside the “to dos” and create some balance with joy and fun.  When you look back on your life, the memories of joy and fun will be the highlights of your life!



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Making A Difference AND Creating A Balance

Playing and having fun are vital for a healthy and happy life both mentally and physically. Most of us have childhood memories of fun and games. In adulthood, our minds are filled with tensions and problems.

Playing, laughing, and having fun, are the antidotes to prevent tension, fear, and stress. While playing, we forget everything, the mind is free, and the body in full action. Suddenly you are relived from the past and future and you are in the present filled with joy and pleasure.


The many health benefits of laughter are well documented, but often taking the time to have fun is labeled as a luxury or even a waste of time.  The fact is that laughter strengthens the immune system, reduces anxiety and stress, and is a wonderful workout for the lungs, diaphragm, and heart. Socially, laughter can break down social barriers and make it easier to meet, connect and communicate with people.



Play takes many forms, but the heart of all play is pleasure. If it isn’t fun, it isn’t play. We play from birth on — we play using our bodies (building with blocks) and our minds (fantasy play). We use words to play (jokes, wit, humor) and we use props (blocks, toys, games). While the exact nature of play evolves, becoming more complex as we grow, play at all ages brings pleasure.

Here are a few suggestions of small ways to start opening to fun and joy.  If you are really stuck, a powerful session of hypnotherapy can un-block you from your workaholic ways and help you discover how to bring back the joy locked inside.

1.  Read the comics, share a joke.
2.  Smile at someone, laugh at something silly your friends, kids or grandkids did, or do something silly yourself.
3.  Have a family or friend laugh night. Rent funny movies to watch together.
4.  Ask everyone to come to dinner one evening prepared to share a favorite joke or funny story
5.  Play a game. It is guaranteed to create fun and laughter.


Ironically, it is a lack of external stimulation and solitude that facilitates creative play. Often, a child will initially perceive this as “boredom.” The child seeks structure and organization from parents or teachers — “I’m bored. I have nothing to do.”

All too often we jump in too soon and make the mistake of creating the child’s activities for him. We need to learn to let children become bored, because it is through this transient period of under-stimulation that their internal world can come alive. This process is facilitated by solitude — the opportunity to be alone and without too many external stimuli.

One of the most important forms of play is playing with ideas.
Abstract thinking is play which leads to satisfying joy!

Interpersonal/social skills, ranging from communication to cooperation, develop in play.


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