Relaxation News by Laurie H. Miller, C.C.H.

Give To Others In Hard Times

Issue 36 – March/April 2009

Laurie’s Notes

Dear Clients,

relaxationEveryone has high hopes when a new year comes around. New beginnings, new goals and dreams, renewed health, new relationships, and more financial prosperity.

Instead, we came into this year with a down economy, layoffs, recession, stock market disaster—generally bad news.

During these times I believe if we all gave a little of ourselves, whether it be monetary, service, favors, or good deeds—our mood, energy, and  expectations will be lifted.

With that in mind, I decided to create an opportunity for you to receive relief from stress and worries along with learning some tools that you can use on your own to get you through these hard times.

Take care, Laurie


The Benefits Of Hypnosis

Through the Power of Your Mind you are able to change your perceptions and attitudes.  You create change and accept change more easily.

Often when we think something is horrible, it turns out to be a stepping stone to something that is much better or has more opportunity.  Sometimes hardship is our teacher.

You have the power to turn defeat into success, negative thoughts into positive thoughts, sadness into joy, emptiness into fullness, despair into prosperity, illness into wellness.

The path isn’t always easy, although sometimes it’s easier than you thought. With the help of a clear, focused mind and calm emotions you are more able to tap into your own inner power.

A clear mind means sharper insight, allowing you to be much more creative in solving problems. Clear emotions allow you to tap into your powerful intuition, allowing you to make better decisions.  When you open to your own power you tap into your innate wisdom which will help you survive anything!


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