Relaxation News by Laurie H. Miller, C.C.H.

Slipping Back Into Old Patterns?

Issue 37 – July/August/September 2009

Laurie’s Notes

Dear Clients,

relaxationHave you wondered how long changes or new habits last in the subconscious mind?

For many people the shifts are permanent because the positive payoff is powerful. With some, changes may fade over time. It may depend on how long you had the bad habit versus the new good habit.  It may depend on your ability to manage stress in more productive ways.

If it’s been awhile since you made some changes or eliminated that bad habit, I am offering you low cost reinforcement to rekindle your desire and enthusiasm to create and accept the changes in your life!

So if you have slipped back a bit, come join me and I’ll gladly help you eliminate your sabotage and reinforce your success!

Take care, Laurie


Slipping Back Into Old Patterns?

Bad habits become anchored in the subconscious mind through repetition and failing to manage negative stress responses.

Once the old pattern or bad habit is broken, and a new positive pattern established, the changes take hold in the subconscious.

What makes us slip back then?

Sometimes if the old triggers and stressors persist, the negative behavior can start to re-anchor in the mind. For some, it is just easier to slip back than to remind themselves of the advantages of the more positive changes.

Sometimes there is a secondary gain to the old behavior.  The secondary gain is a perceived advantage to the old pattern.  For example: You believe over eating makes you feel calm. You are having a major stress, therefore you over eat. The long term outcome of  the secondary gain is that you over eat, put on weight, hate yourself, and have more stress!  Sabotage rears it’s ugly head!

Reinforcement helps you step back on a  positive track and reestablishes the positive patterns.

Get back on track!

Letter to my Saboteur!

Dear Saboteur,

I know you are there so don’t try to hide from me. You are sneaky, making me think I’m doing something good for myself when actually your behavior ends up hurting me.   I’m not sure where you came from.  Perhaps you filled a childhood need or I inherited you from  my parents.   I am sincere in telling you that I am very capable of protecting myself and comforting myself without your help.  I am ready now to let you go so that I am free  to do what I truly want!

Sincerely, I’m Liberated



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