Relaxation News by Laurie H. Miller, C.C.H.

Gain Rapport With Yourself!

Issue 39 – May/June 2010

Laurie’s Notes

Dear Clients,

relaxationGetting along with others means that we have rapport with them. It may mean we have something in common or we are like minded. I am sure you have experienced rapport. That feeling of camaraderie, a sly smile, or a quick wink.

But what about rapport with yourself?  Do you get along with you?

This newsletter addresses the power of self rapport. Your ability to tune in to your body’s needs, your emotional needs, your mind’s needs, and even your spiritual needs.

When you pay attention to what you need, you have more control, every area of your life is better.

Take care, Laurie



Imagine getting along better with yourself.

The possibilities are endless ……

Meet your Physical needs by tuning into your body — your skin, muscles, organs and cells. Listen to your body carefully—that back ache may say “Hey ease up on your work out!” or “Enough with the computer!” If you are overweight you would stop ignoring it and ask “Am I really hungry or just emotionally empty?” You would respect the needs of your body for sleep, nourishment, and fun.

Emotional self rapport would allow you to stop stuffing your feelings. You find a form of expression that works for you. Amazingly, your stress symptoms disappear (anxiety, digestive problems, muscle tension, etc.)

Your Mind is full of thoughts. Gain rapport with your thoughts to manage your worry and to stop making projections of negative outcomes. Your adrenalin response to your “false danger” thoughts will stop. You will start supporting yourself so that your self confidence and self esteem soar.  Gain rapport with your thoughts so that you wake up with a positive attitude.

Spiritual needs are important no matter what your belief system. You create more self love and appreciation, a willingness to take care of you. You become full inside by balancing giving and receiving. What fun to create more enjoyment and power in your life!


Constance Walsh, Fiona Ivey, Lynne Brown, Donna Golden, Patt Ochella, Lynn Gardiner MFT, Laura Weinreich, Janice Solomon, Kevin Lindsay, Holly Horikawa, Cindy Sanchez, Pat Visser, Dr. Suzanne Ross, Dr. Khelly Webb, Carol Waldrep, Philip Kulick, Debbi Pack, Jerry Martin, Lenore Emett, Denise McPhee MFC, Kelli Winkle, Betsy Hewitt, Valerie Sokola, Donna Loren,  Cheddi Sean Rathan MFC, Terri Singas, Dr. Ann  Lundquist, Sandra Senelli, Maria Benson, Janine Huynh, Janice Solomon, Ian Hepfinstall, Dr. Mara Latts, Angela Rezanno, Andrea Amaral, Denise Knickerbocker and those I don’t know about!