Relaxation News by Laurie H. Miller, C.C.H.

Stop Judging Yourself!

Issue 40 – September/October 2010

Laurie’s Notes

Dear Clients,

relaxationIt is normal to desire and want to fix problems for ourselves and for others. In fact it is usually our first instinct when we are confronted with an issue. We live in a “fix it” society.

Solving problems gives us relief, a sense of pride, raises our self esteem and makes us feel successful.

It can also be frustrating when a solution is not clear, the negatives out weigh the benefits, or you can’t figure out a solution. What about that backlash of anger from others when you try to solve their problem and they didn’t want you to!

Take care, Laurie



Imagine this: Your mind is incapable of self criticism and self judgment and you can’t be mean to yourself.  A problem comes up in your life, and with a clear mind you explore the issue. Your creativity kicks in giving you ideas that you had not thought of before. You are not afraid of the problem or what it may mean for you. Your ability to analyze the facts are superb and you are open to other peoples ideas and suggestions without defensiveness. You don’t take it personal if others don’t like your ideas.

What a unique concept that is! The true power of any solution lies in the power of our thinking process and our willingness to explore options that are outside the box.  We have every tool we need to solve our problems right inside our powerful minds.


When you can’t do it yourself, turn to others for support. You will feel nurtured and you get to add their brain power to yours to problem solve successfully!



Tim Grady, Dr. Barry Ross, Annette Ritche, Debbi Pack, Melissa Mellon, Dr. Mara Latts, Kelllie Gillespie, Judy Smith, Greg Pumphrey, Nicole Mann, Rosa Barone, Carlos Messerschmidt, Denise McPhee, Jennifer Overly, Janice Rodgers, Brigid Cianfrani, Sean Rathan,MFT, Ka Vang, Fiona Ivey, Adam Richardson, Mike Dillinger, Lorna Pizzorni, John Tarnow.