Levels of Hypnosis

Every person goes through the state of “hypnosis” naturally several times a day including right before falling asleep at night and awakening in the morning.

When you are wide awake your brain waves function at “beta” waves. You are fully conscious and awake, while your subconscious mind handles all automatic activity, including all body, emotional, and mental functioning, without your awareness.

As you begin to relax, your brain waves slow to “alpha” waves. Slightly relaxed, you are more focused and aware. Somewhat suggestible, this is the brain state you are in while watching TV or a movie, listening to music, or driving a car. (I bet you’ve experienced this when you’ve passed your destination because you weren’t paying “conscious” attention to were you were going!)

As you relax deeper, your brain waves slow to “theta” waves. Your conscious awareness drifts to different thoughts and you become less aware of your body, which may feel either very heavy or light, somewhat like you are floating. You are still aware, although you may not remember some of what you hear or think, and your subconscious mind is highly suggestible.

Now sleep comes, and as your brain waves slow to “delta” waves, you have no conscious awareness at all and will not remember sleeping. Your subconscious mind is fully in control, and there is some question as to whether you are suggestible or not.

“Alpha” and “Theta” are the natural states of hypnosis. “Alpha” is a light hypnosis and “Theta” a deep hypnosis.

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