Memory & Concentration

This can be a big problem for students and those taking exams to move forward in their careers. When you are nervous, the mind “short-circuits”, causing the things you have memorized to “fly out of your mind”.

Hypnosis calms the nervousness and gives you confidence in your memory and ability to concentrate. You then have access to everything you have learned and are calm enough to retrieve it.

Areas where hypnosis has been successful in improving memory and concentration:

  • General memory problems (aging) respond well to hypnosis. It’s a known fact, we only use about 10% of our mind’s capability on a daily basis.
  • Regression for childhood memories can be a powerful tool to unlock your ability to move forward in many areas of your life. Once remembered, the childhood experiences no longer control your life.
  • School and work performance improve using hypnosis. Once memory and concentration are enhanced, your performance becomes powerful and the results of your endeavors satisfying.
  • Studying gets old and if you are older the material doesn’t “stick” like it use to do. Utilizing some powerful hypnotic tools, your mind can be retrained into great study habits, improving material retention and storage.
  • Test taking is made easy through hypnosis. Improving concentration, eliminating outside distractions, lowering stress and worries, and remembering what you learned are all benefits of a few sessions of hypnotherapy.


“I first came to Laurie Miller almost 15 years ago, seeking help with painful memories of my mother, who died when I was a kid. Since then, Laurie has guided me through the pregnancies that led to the births of my son and daughter; my father’s death; and professional challenges that required new levels of strength and clarity. My life would be different in every way without Laurie, less peaceful, less positive, less loving and giving toward my husband and our kids.”
Pamela Marin, Author of the memoir Motherland)

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