Are you in a rut? Need to move forward? Hypnosis can uncover what blocks you or is in your way, and help to move you forward to achieve your goals. Please click here to purchase a CD or MP3 on Beyond Limitations. Read my article, “Lazy You… Procrastinating During the Holidays? It might not be laziness!” for a good idea of how hypnosis can work for you.

Areas where hypnosis to increase motivation is very successful:

  • Career motivation is essential to moving forward in your career and also to change careers if needed. Through hypnosis you can propel forward beyond any limitations that have previously been in your way.
  • Completing projects is the number one way to feel good about yourself. Hypnotherapy takes you “inside” your own mind. If you can visualize the project complete, you can accomplish completing it.
  • Exercise is one of those activities that we put onto the back burner. We know it is good for us…tomorrow. Let hypnosis remove the “tomorrow”.
  • Organizing in any area of your life can only bring positive outcomes for you. It makes you feel in control of your life and hypnosis will help you accept the change you must make to be more organized.
  • Sales motivation and burnout are especially responsive to hypnotic suggestions.

Trying something new is usually hard for people. Through your mind you can get over the stumbling blocks and create breakthroughs.


“The workshop on the mystery of good luck was great. It gave me an opportunity to get out and meet some wonderful people. I wish to praise you for the great amount of work you place into your craft. You always seem to provide a new door for me to walk through for enlightenment into my life. Thank you for the gifts that you give us so we can better understand ourselves and others. See you soon, Thank you”



“Hello Laurie, I have been very active with drawing, painting and work! Here are some of the projects I’ve finished and an oil I’m working on currently, Diamond Head Hawaii. I am very happy with my new found ambition, Thank You :)”

Eugene S.