Nail Biting

nail bitingNail biting and picking is an ugly habit as it makes your hands look horrible.  Children and adults can suffer from Onychophagia. Bleeding and torn cuticles can make socialization difficult and embarrassing. Professionally it projects a terrible image of a nervous and possibly stressed employee.  Sometimes the picking and bleeding can result in infections that need to be treated by a physician.

You can learn more about the implications of nail biting at Wikipedia.

Eliminating nail biting is approached from two directions. First, to stop the habit by letting go of the stress that is causing it.  I help you find a replacement action to calm nervous fingers and the oral need to put something in your mouth.  I make you a personal CD for reinforcement.  Second, is to look at the underlying cause of the biting or picking. When you understand what drives a habit, it is easy to stop the habit more successfully.  I can help the average person eliminate a habit in a couple of sessions.