Constant and chronic pain stops you from enjoying what life has to offer. Pain is a message from your body to your mind indicating that “something is wrong”. In situations of chronic pain, the message is heard, but the brain does not have the resources to stop it. Hypnosis allows you to use your mind’s resources to shut down or shut off the messages.

You must be under the care of a doctor and under treatment before you should utilize hypnosis to lower or eliminate pain. A doctor’s referral is required in most cases.

Pre and post surgery pain can effectively be lowered and better tolerated through a few sessions of hypnotherapy. The added advantage is that you will recover and heal faster! Please click here to purchase a CD or MP3 on Pain Alleviation.

Areas where hypnosis has been successful in management of pain:

  • Surgery creates anxiety, stress and apprehensions. Through hypnosis these symptoms can be relieved so that you can concentrate on a successful surgery and outcome. Post surgical pain is lessened through relaxation and visualization and healing is accelerated. Some doctors will let you listen to a tape/CD during the surgery or in recovery!
  • Back pain from injury is one of the major causes of long term disability. It makes life miserable. Through imagery and relaxation you can learn to control the symptoms, giving you more freedom of movement and more life enjoyment.
  • Fibromylgia pain is caused by a malfunction in the sheathing of the nerve. Hypnosis can improve the symptoms in many cases and also improve the quality of sleep often associated with fibromylgia.
  • Childbirth is often associated with pain because of our culture’s attitude and negative programming from others (including some doctors) My program, “Easy Birthing”, reduces stress, involves you in flowing with your body, creating the outcome of much less pain.