Procrastination affects everyone. For some people it is an annoying “putting things off”, and for others it affects their daily life so much that they don’t achieve their goals and find themselves stuck. There are different motivators that drive us to procrastinate.

Internal Motivators to Procrastinate: These are perceived inadequacies like not thinking your are intelligent enough, not thinking you have a good attention span, or taking the role in the family of the “dumb” one.  Fear and apprehension, distractions, and the need for instant rather than long term gratification are all internal motivators to procrastinate. They and can be accompanied by a feeling of powerlessness and lack of control.

External Motivators to Procrastinate: these are perceived inadequacies from outside of yourself, like lack of education, tools, technology access, time, or even transportation. Health issues, financial issues, and legal issues can contribute to the procrastination problem. Obligations, especially to other people can hamper your desire to get things done for yourself.

Through hypnosis the issues behind procrastination will be addressed and blocks to success will be removed, allowing the procrastination symptoms to subside. You experience power and freedom to create and follow through with your goals, dreams and aspirations!

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