When a person is stuck in their life either because of a tough childhood, bad experiences (like an accident), negative beliefs, or fear, it can be beneficial to use regression to uncover causes of difficulty and release the trauma.

Areas where Regression Therapy is successful with hypnosis:

  • Age regression is beneficial in rooting out old negative programming and trauma from the past. Through regression back into your childhood I help you let go of what creates pain and suffering in your present life and teach you how to take back your power.
  • Past Life regression is for those who believe in reincarnation. Through past life regression you can eliminate patterns in this life that are holding you back, discover the connections from your relationships, and understand yourself more completely.


“Several years ago I started having very real and vivid dreams that took place in the past.  The dreams were concurrent and seemed to tell a story of myself as someone else. Many of the dreams were like “real life” nightmares and after having a dream I would wake up in terror and couldn’t go back to sleep.  After a few sessions with Laurie where she helped me to do a past life regression I was able to move past my dreams and started sleeping soundly again!”