Improving sports performance utilizing hypnotic techniques is quite amazing! Through hypnosis you improve your concentration and focus. You remove any obstacles, like memories of poor performance or intimidation, and you eliminate fear associated with performance anxiety.

Types of sports that can be improved with hypnosis:

  • Golf is a serious sport with lots of distractions. Hypnosis can give you better concentration, better stamina, and better performance.
  • Tennis is a competitive sport. Through visualization you can better connect the mind and body balance, allowing more smooth movements and more speed.
  • Childhood and adolescent sports are often as hard on the child/young adult as they are on the parents! Ridicule from other kids and bad performance experiences can get in the way of reaching your potential. A few sessions of hypnosis can put you on the right track.
  • Gymnastics is a precision sport. There is a need to trust your body and concentrate deeply on the movements. It is important that each routine become automatic, creating a smooth result.
  • Equestrian sports are popular and can be dangerous. It is important to be in sync with your horse, confident and physically, mentally and emotionally in balance when you ride and perform.
  • Dancing often makes people feel self conscious and uncoordinated. It often feels like “everyone is watching you”. Hypnosis can eliminate these negative feelings so you can comfortably “dance the night away”. You can also improve body coordination.


“Hypnosis has done a great deal for my performance in athletics. I used to have anxiety before competitions and problems focusing on my performance. Using hypnosis has helped me to relax and concentrate during practice and competitions. Now I can enjoy sports and improve my skills without feeling nervous and without losing my concentration.”