Everyone experiences some sort of stress daily. Sometimes, however, it becomes too much over too long a period of time. The results of too much stress are physical illness, mental overwhelm, and emotional burnout. When there is too much stress in your life, hypnosis can help to release it and give you new perceptions about the stressors.

Types of stress effectively treated with hypnosis:

  • Burnout is what happens when you have had too much of one thing. Most of us think of work burnout, but it can be associated with a demanding family or friends, or even associated with a sport. Hypnosis can release the stress, shift your attitude, and renew your outlook.
  • Emotional stress takes its toll and can lead people to antidepressants. Hypnosis can help get to the root of the emotional distress and alleviate it.
  • Health related stress can be caused by chronic illness or from fatigue. The stress can tax the immune system. Learning relaxation techniques can bring balance to the body.
  • Relationship stress — who hasn’t had it! Sometimes shifting perception, releasing negative emotions, and looking at what “button” the other person is triggering is all it takes to be more comfortable.
  • School stress is a part of life, but when it gets out of control, grades can drop and frustration can set in. Hypnosis controls stress and improves study and exam skills.
  • Stuttering is created by stress and can be improved or eliminated through learning the relaxation response.

If you need help with stress click here to purchase a Transform Yourself CD or MP3. My articles “Lazy You… Procrastinating During the Holidays? It might not be laziness!” and “Got Stress and Burnout at Work? Hypnotherapy to the Rescue!” might also be helpful.


“I have been to see Laurie for a number of “life issues” over the last 5 years and every time she has helped me to work through the individual issue before me with results much faster than counseling or anything else I have tried. She is very good at what she does and does it from a non-judgmental approach. I would highly recommend her services! I have seen Laurie for issues with family rejection, grief and loss of a spouse, anxiety/stress, and insomnia.”

Jason P


“It is with profound sadness I have to tell you that my darling husband, Bob, passed away last Friday, Sept 23, 2011.  We had just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on Aug. 20th. I wanted you to know how much your CD, made just for Bob, helped him in his final few weeks.  He played it almost nightly and it helped him to relax and go to sleep.  It was a wonderful gift to him and I thank you so very much for responding so quickly to my request to have the CD mailed to our home. The accolades that have been sent to me talking about Bob have been overwhelming. That being said, my heart is broken and the reality of this absolutely “sucks”.  I hate it. Thank you again for your caring, warmth and concern. I will close with saying you have my deepest gratitude.”

Carol, wife of Bob


“I had another wonderful experience that I wanted to tell you about, and thank you for.  In my last session, we worked on my pattern of submitting to authority, even when it was wrong and unhealthy for me.

Last week my mom had a serious injury, and after her stay in the hospital, was transferred to a skilled nursing facility for continued care.  Even though this facility is considered among the best, we experienced atrocities in her care.  AGAINST MEDICAL ADVICE, I pulled her out and arranged in-home nursing care.  How’s that for not submitting to authority!!!”



“Just wanted to give you an update on my business trip.  As you know, before the trip I was very nervous.  Traveling there I was somewhat nervous.  And once I got into the meetings I was not at all nervous.  I was simply myself.  Didn’t try to be anything more, nor would I settle for being anything less.

After being there only two hours the President asked me to lead the executive team in a  session the following day.  It was a huge role, and I was surprised to be entrusted with it so quickly.  But I was not at all anxious about it.  I had brought your CD from our last session and I listened to it that night.

I was calm and confident, shoulders back, head held high, in a position of esteem and confidence!  The sessions went great.  I was entrusted with more significant responsibilities, and they are now figuring out how they can afford my services.

It felt so good to be out and about again.  Socially comfortable.  Having new adventures. Growing.  I have reclaimed ME!  Thank you for all your help.”

Alua P.


“Laurie, Thanks for another great session.  It’s working!  My husband and I even went for a hike together yesterday and have plans to do more.  And I surprised myself with a couple of things…I went through my Facebook account and deleted the “friends” that were associated with elements of the past that I am leaving the past.  I previously was unaware how seeing updates from those folks dragged me down.  So they are gone!

And another surprise was I went through my closet and eliminated those clothes that didn’t make me feel “great”.  It’s so cool to look in my closet and only have happy clothes in it! And I am feeling so much better physically.  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”



“I had two sessions with you on May 27-28  2008. (for calming out of control emotions prior to his wedding). The wedding ceremony went better than I expected. I only “choked up” once and I took a deep breath, paused and told myself, “I can do this” and was able to continue. The reception went very well and the Big Bear honeymoon was fantastic!  Thank you for your help.”



“I earn a living as a writer and there are times when the creative process can be pretty stressful, especially when deadlines are looming and the words are not coming. I decided to give hypnosis a go, hoping that through this process I could reduce the anxiety I was feeling around writing and become more creative and productive.

I had my first session with Laurie Miller in 1997 to deal with this issue. Through our work (and we’re not talking tons of sessions; the results came pretty quickly) I learned how to manage my stress and actually enjoy my job. Now, my ability to take on multiple assignments and meet very tight deadlines has vastly increased, as has my comfort level with making these commitments.

I was so impressed by these results that I have continued to see her for other areas I want to improve. Our sessions have enabled me to deal more effectively, peacefully and purposefully with some pretty daunting challenges that life has tossed my way. She has my highest recommendation and my sincerest appreciation.”

Pamela Mills-Senn

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