Study Habits & Exam Preparation

Hypnosis can improve all aspects of study habits so that it is easier to learn information. Since everything you study is stored in the subconscious mind, techniques can be learned to access the memory center of your mind when it is time to take an exam.

The calmer you are during an exam, the more you can remember. Hypnosis can help all ages of students from children to adults and is very effective for all licensing tests, practical tests, and oral exams.

Types of study and exam problems that hypnosis is very effective for:

  • Concentration and focus problems can bring chaos into your life. They create major stress and cause“last minute” behaviors. A few sessions of hypnotherapy can greatly improve your ability to concentrate and focus on any task.
  • Language learning is enhanced and improved through hypnotic techniques. Understanding and translation can be greatly accelerated.
  • Memory problems are associated with concentration and focus. The mind can be “trained” to take in more information, store it, and consequently have it available for you when you need it.
  • Test taking stress or anxiety is frustrating when you have studied thoroughly and memorized all you need to know for an exam. Self-hypnotic techniques can be applied just before a test to give you complete access to the memory center of the subconscious mind and keep you calm during an exam.


“I PASSED! (MFT Licensing exam) I am feeling great about it.  I still struggled with sleeplessness the night before but surprisingly didn’t feel many symptoms of anxiety.  I’m so relieved today!  Thanks for your help, I think the positive visualizations and relaxation techniques really helped me to envision success.  Thank you!”

Jennifer O.


“I can’t thank you enough for all your help on my senior project. You are one of the main reasons why I enjoyed doing the project so much. You were always there to support me, lend me books, or make time for me, and I really appreciate it!  I always looked forward to our sessions because they always calmed me down and made me feel so much better. I’m so happy because I really have started noticing a positive difference! My speech went really well and the panel really enjoyed the lemon suggestibility test I did on them!  I really hope that I can continue the sessions with you during the summer! Thank you for being such an amazing mentor. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything.”



“Erik received his SAT scores this morning (at 2am). He went from a 500 in math to a 690. He only needed a 560 to qualify. That puts him in the 92% percentile in math nationwide. He wanted me to thank you first thing this morning. — Thank you for your help.”

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