Weight Loss

Diets don’t work. They make you feel deprived. Diets begin and they end, so they are not a permanent solution to weight loss.

Two things are important: what you put into your body and how much fat you burn. Hypnosis can help you gain control by helping you to desire the foods that are fresh, clean, and nutritionally valuable. You shift the fatty, sugary foods to the category of occasional foods, but never deprive yourself.

You can also address emotional eating and begin to separate emotional hunger from physical hunger. If you get off track for a day or so, you can easily get back on track so that you do not put the weight back on.

For some of you gaining weight is your goal, and hypnosis can help you to have more of an appetite and desire the foods that your body requires to be at your desired weight.

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Areas of weight where hypnosis has proven successful:

  • General weight loss is one area that hypnosis is very successful. You change your eating habits easily and comfortably so you don’t “feel” like eating the sugary, fatty foods that have put weight on you. You address emotional over eating effectively with hypnosis. It can change your life and your body!
  • Obesity (may need doctor referral) is a common problem in our society now and stems from old family programming around food, years and years of food commercials, and low self esteem. Hypnosis sessions support you in taking the weight off permanently instead of the yoyo experience of most diets.
  • Gastro bypass surgery is more popular than ever, but is not a panacea. There is still hard work to do, habits to change, and surgery to recover from. Hypnosis makes this life changing event easier and more tolerable and allows you to become comfortable with your “new image”.
  • Special diets are often necessary for medical reasons. Hypnosis can strengthen your resolve and will power, and keep you on track.
  • Weight gain is a necessity for some people. A few sessions of hypnotherapy can increase appetite and make foods more appealing.


“Laurie, Thanks for another great session.  It’s working!  My husband and I even went for a hike together yesterday and have plans to do more.  And I surprised myself with a couple of things…I went through my Facebook account and deleted the “friends” that were associated with elements of the past that I am leaving the past.  I previously was unaware how seeing updates from those folks dragged me down.  So they are gone!

And another surprise was I went through my closet and eliminated those clothes that didn’t make me feel “great”.  It’s so cool to look in my closet and only have happy clothes in it! And I am feeling so much better physically.  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”



“Hi Laurie, I just realized it’s been almost a year since I saw you last. I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately, so I wanted to drop you a note and say THANK YOU. Since you saw me, I’ve gotten married, moved, taken on more projects at work, and let a puppy join my life. It’s been busy and hectic and crazy, but I’m not emotionally eating through the ups and downs. I can proudly say that when I was married, I was at my lowest adult weight yet, 16 pounds down from when I first saw you. I looked and felt fantastic! After the honeymoon, too much celebrating caused some of the weight to creep back on – but I can proudly say that I’m back in control because I know I’ve been there before and can be there again. I no longer obsess about the scale, or food I cannot have. I feel healthier, happier, and my cholesterol was down at my last appointment. Weight loss is still a path I’m on, but I no longer let the number on the scale affect my well-being. I don’t weigh daily, but when I see the number creep up or the pants start fitting a little tighter, I am able to objectively examine what I should be doing differently and get back on the correct path through your CD’s – no blame, no guilt. From where I was a year ago, I feel like I’m finally the Andrea I knew was there all along! Thank you again for everything you’ve done for me. I hope to give you a yearly update so you know how I’m doing and how you have helped me become the best version of me there is!”

Cheers, Andrea


“I did a “touch up” about 6 months ago.  This time, I went for 2 sessions, for dieting & exercising purposes. Wow, it has really helped. I have almost quit eating chips (it’s under control), be it potato, tortilla, or pita. Laurie suggested trying broccoli to munch on, which I told her that I had never touched in almost my whole life. Well it worked and I am munching broccoli instead of the chips– for a crunchy taste. We also work on exercise, and I walk now almost every morning.  She suggested that when I look at my Nike shoes, I think about walking and I do!”

Carol R.


“I am truly glad that I decided to go through with the therapy sessions at Hypnosis Concepts. Before meeting Laurie I had a bit a doubt in the whole process though now I have no regret in receiving hypnosis for my shyness and eating disorder. I always felt so comfortable and relaxed during the sessions. Laurie helped me in so many ways and every session was a learning experience. I believe that if a person has any type of issue with body image or low self esteem, Laurie is the person to go to. I would have to say that Laurie is a genuinely kind and helpful person who is very educated in her field.”



“I’ve struggled to lose weight ever since my doctor told me to drop 20 pounds.  I’ve  tried everything including on-line weight programs and nothing has worked.  I listened to Laurie Miller’s Hypnosis “Release Weight” CD program and I was  dumbfounded when I lost my craving for carbohydrates and refined sugar.  That’s NEVER happened to me in my entire life. The picture she creates with words coupled with the hypnotic suggestions are very powerful and I find them echoing in my mind. I guarantee you won’t be able to get the images Laurie describes out of your head either. I lost 5 pounds in a week.  I’m truly astounded.”

Judy Westerfield, M.A, MFT, CCH


“I love the Garden Healing CD.  And, yes, it DOES work!  Lunch today was tomatoes, mushrooms, sprouts, cheese, avocado, cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew melon, strawberries, and grapes.  The veggies were all in a sandwich at our favorite restaurant, with the fruits all being in a “side” on the plate.  I never would have ordered this before, but when I read it on the menu I suddenly couldn’t resist it.”

Lisa L.


“Laurie Miller has helped me begin the path of weight loss and sustain that loss over several months for the first time in my life.  Listening to her hypnosis CD’s and working with her in live sessions has turned my relationship with food and exercise around.  I no longer live to eat, I eat to live.”


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