What does a Hypnotherapist do?

hypnotherapistA hypnotherapist, like myself, is someone who is trained to hypnotize a patient one-one.  In a private session we will first talk about your goals and review your First Session Worksheet. I ask my clients to tell me what is not working in their life and then how they would like things to work in their life. You will then relax in a comfortable reclining chair while I talk in a relaxing voice with soothing music in the background, using a variety of methods to relax you — progressive relaxation is my most common method.

You will find yourself focused, relaxed and aware. I am only your guide. You are fully in control, but your mind in this relaxed state is highly suggestible, taking in positive suggestions because it is your goal to do so.

Through positive suggestion and imagery, I can help you to change your perceptions to make the changes you want in your life and at the end of the session you will come out feeling like you have had a wonderful nap.

Watch my video below on Stage vs. Clinical Hypnosis!